The digital economy at the ballot box – El Financiero

As major elections unfold around the world, cryptocurrency is taking center stage.

US presidential candidates frequently discuss cryptocurrencies during elections. Some Republicans have avoided the topic, but figures like Donald Trump have demonstrated an intriguing duality; Despite public skepticism of him, he has launched his own collection of NFTs and has investments in the sector. These types of actions emphasize a complex connection between public opinions and personal policies.

However, cryptocurrencies are not limited to the United States. In Mexico, the regulations and implementation of these technologies are being debated in the elections. Cryptocurrencies could play a crucial role in a country looking to modernize its financial system and increase financial inclusion.

Candidates must evaluate how to safely and effectively integrate these technologies into the national economy, balancing potential benefits with associated risks.

The ruling party's approach to cryptocurrencies – with significant taxes and strict regulations under the law fintech– shows an effort to channel financial innovation without giving in to the anarchy of the free market.

Although cryptocurrencies are gaining ground on political agendas, pressing problems such as drug trafficking violence and corruption continue to relegate the debate over their regulation to the background.

As Mexico approaches its biggest election yet, the prospect of cryptocurrencies appears to remain marginal, although individual candidates suggest specifically using the blockchain to combat government problems.

In the coming decades, the direction these debates take could have important effects not only for financial markets, but also for the very structure of the global economy.

As we get closer to the elections, persistent cartel violence and corruption stand out as the true national emergencies, relegating issues such as cryptocurrencies to the background of more pressing and visceral challenges.