Álvaro Vargas Llosa on elections in Venezuela: “It is the best opportunity”

LIME.- Journalist Álvaro Mario Vargas Llosa used his social networks to analyze the relevance of the presidential elections scheduled for July 28 in Venezuela, in his opinion, it is the “best opportunity to return to liberal democracy since Hugo Chávez “Once he won the elections in 1998 and that gigantic coven was launched.”

In his video, the journalist considered that “although calling them elections is a reckless act because it is organized so that Nicolás Maduro and the purulent mafia remain in power.”

However, he considered that it is an event in which the entire world will be observing the events. “All of us who have a molecule of liberal conscience will also be Venezuelans.

“For now, unity has been achieved, a unity proof of bullets, dungeons and bribes. In 2015, the Venezuelan democratic resistance was able to defeat the Chavista fraud machinery,” he stated.

In the opinion of Álvaro Mario Vargas Llosa, the historical moment that Venezuela is going through has to do with the leading role that the opposition leader María Corina Machado has managed to consolidate.

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The opposition María Corina Machado continues his political tour through the west of the country to promote the organization and the vote for the diplomat Edmundo González Urrutia, presidential candidate of the Unitary Platform.

“We have a card and we have a candidate: Edmundo González Urrutia. I ask all those who have trusted me that on July 28 we all go with joy, with energy and firmness to vote for Edmundo González,” emphasized Machado. from Bella Vista Avenue in Maracaibo, capital of the Zulia state, 696 kilometers from Caracas.

The leader said that Zulia, an important state with an oil tradition and whose governor is the opposition Manuel Rosales, “has been a light” for the important struggles for change in the country.

During the rally, Machado was accompanied by political leaders from different parties, including Juan Pablo Guanipa (Primero Justicia), Nora Bracho (Un Nuevo Tiempo) and Freddy Superlano (Voluntad Popular).

“We are going to win and we are going to get paid!” said the winner of the 2023 opposition primaries, who is disqualified from politics for 15 years.

Before the political event, María Corina Machado went to the headquarters of her organization Vente Venezuela in Maracaibo. From there he referred to the tour made through the states of Portuguesa and Falcón. “What we saw in Portuguesa and Falcón was incredible. I confess that I was a little afraid after the arrests. I thought people were going to be discouraged, but what the hell,” he said.