Messi's Experience in Miami, the most ambitious exhibition about a player

Messi's Experience”, the most ambitious production in history about the career of a footballer will open next Wednesday, April 25, at the Coconut Grove Hangar in Miami.

As well as Lionel Messi He surpassed all limits with the magic of his game, this interactive exhibition maximizes all the possibilities of technology, including artificial intelligence, and with an investment of 50 million dollars, it has recreated the idol's journey from his native Rosario to the glory in Qatar 2022 and now with Inter Miami.

The exhibition in Miami will be the starting point for a tour of 150 cities on five continents, including New York, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Paris, Rabat, Doha, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Sydney, among others.

According to ticket sales, which began with enormous success days ago, organizers estimate that 200,000 people will attend in Miami alone.

“I am very happy to be part of this project that allows fans to get closer to my experience on and off the fields,” said Messi. “Throughout my career, I have always strived to inspire and connect with people through my passion for football.”

No footballer in the history of this sport has been the subject of so many forms of exposure to exalt his talent.

The very famous Cirque du Soleil For the first time in its history, it dedicated a show to an athlete, “Messi 10”. Apple presented the documentary: “Messi's World Cup: the rise of a legend.” While Adidas premiered “Alta en el cielo” about the feat of Messi and Argentina in 2022.

“This experience offers the unique opportunity to relive the most memorable moments of my career,” added the star. “And it will also make me feel the emotions that have shaped my path.”

A production of such magnitude as “The Messi Experience” could only arise with the union of passionate people with deep knowledge in different areas.

Argentine cousins ​​Andrés Naftali and David Rosenfeld teamed up in 2013 to create the company Primo Entertainment and since then they have presented artists such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Guns N' Roses, Ricardo Arcona, Anuel & Karol G, among others, and have set up cultural shows with works by the painters Van Gogh, Frida Kalo and Monet.

What Messi does, however, surpasses everything they have done before, because not only have they acquired special expertise in the entertainment business but also because they are Argentine, they love football, they have contacts with FIFA, CONMEBOL and the AFA. and above all they are close to Messi's family.

“Only with a figure of the size of Taylor Swift could something of such magnitude as Messi be done,” said Naftali. “The production on the Messi Experience surpasses everything we have done in the past. Thanks to advances in technology and artificial intelligence, fans will be able to share the dressing room and participate in training with Messi, take selfies with the star and they will feel involved with the touch, smell and scenery. “Messi himself was surprised when we told him about the scope of our proposal.”

Forbes magazine described this project as “an interactive multimedia exhibit that allows fans to walk in the footsteps of one of the greatest soccer players on the planet,” while Apple News anticipated that “this is not a standard exhibit but a journey through “spaces where fans can participate in various interactive experiences.”

Naftali stressed that 25 or 30 years ago there were not the technological resources to make an exhibition that corresponds to today's cyber world. On the other hand, the money could have been obtained.

“Although it is an investment of 50 million dollars, achieving that figure was not a problem,” commented Naftali. “When a project is good, there is no limit to obtaining financing. And in this case we have spent judiciously. Every penny is meticulously justified.”

The project adds the artistic part to the historical part

Multimedia studio Moment Factory combined content, environment, design, set design, video, lighting, architecture and sound in a multidisciplinary effort by mavericks from around the world.

It is a connection between Messi and fans in a way that has never been done before in an interactive space of 2,300 square meters with nine themed installations.

The historical part, the libretto, was in charge of the journalist and writer Hernán Casciari, who in 2016 had published the book “Messi is a dog and other stories.”

The Messi Experience has so many elements and imagination that there is enormous expectation to take part in it and live an unforgettable moment with the best player in the world.