Dolphins and Chiefs get ready for one of the coldest games in history

KANSAS CITY.- The Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins They will possibly play one of the matches with the lowest temperature in the history of the NFL this Saturday, and still hundreds of fans began to line up in the parking lot of the Arrowhead Stadium almost 12 hours before the start of the game.

At least they were able to get to the stadium.

The NFL She was worried that no one would be able to make it to Sunday’s game in Buffalo, where they expected about 2 feet of snow overnight. This led to the league and New York officials deciding to postpone the wild card game against the Pittsburgh Steelers to Monday.

We want the Bills to win”warned the Erie County executive, Mark Poloncarz, at a press conference, “but we don’t want 60,000 to 70,000 people traveling to a game where the conditions are going to be horrible.”

Snow is not a problem in Kansas City, although more is expected to fall Saturday morning —The snowfall is expected to end before the start of the game against the Dolphins. The concern was what the National Metereological Service called “dangerously cold” wind gusts and with a temperature forecast below -2 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius) and a sensation of -24 Celsius.

Only four matches have been played with Fahrenheit temperatures below zero, the most recent in 2007 for the championship of the National Conference between the Giants and Packers. New York won 23-20 in the Lambeau Field in a duel best known for images of the Giants coach’s frozen face, Tom Coughlin.

The coldest match in history was -13 degrees Fahrenheit (-25 Celsius) for the title in 1967, when the Packers they defeated the Cowboys in it Lambeau Field and which became known as the Ice Bowl. The sensation reached -48 Fahrenheit (-44 Celsius).

“There was definitely shock when we saw the forecast,” admitted the Chiefs fan, Keaton Schlatter who traveled from Des Moines, Iowa. “We thought about maybe putting our tickets on sale and if they didn’t sell, we would go. But we decided it’s part of the experience”.

So Shlatter and a group of about 10 people decided to make the trip to the Arrowhead Stadium.

Adjustments in Kansas City:

The Chiefs They intend to place several warming stations throughout the stadium and have changed some rules allowing them to enter with blankets, without zippers, and they will be able to use portable chargers to heat their clothing.

Fans will also be able to bring pieces of cardboard to place under their feet, a tip given by the Chiefs safety, Justin Reid.

But not all fans wanted to make the trip. Prices for tickets on the secondary market fell during the week. The entrance price on Saturday is $30, 10% less than it would usually cost.

The coldest encounter in the Arrowhead Stadium was -1 degree Fahreinheit (-18 celsius) before the Denver Broncos on December 18, 1983.