The US ‘freezes’ like a popsicle: They expect heavy snowfall and up to -38 degrees due to a winter storm

A powerful snow storm covered the Midwest of the United States this Friday and the freezing temperatures are expected to continue for the next few days, impacting Iowa on Monday, the first event of the Republican primaries.

Some 30 million people are this Friday under snow storm warningmainly in the middle east of the country and in the Great Lakes region, reported the National Weather Service (NWS, in English).

The agency expects heavy snowfall to continue on Saturday, with heavy snow accumulations in parts of Wisconsin and Michigan.

The winter storm will also impact the state of Iowa over the weekend, where on Monday the process to choose the Republican candidate for the November presidential elections will officially begin, a primary in which former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) starts as the clear favorite.

How will snowfall affect Iowa in the US?

During the next few hours, snowfall, strong gusts of wind and freezing temperatures are expected that will make it difficult vehicle traffic in various parts of the state. “Travel may become impossible in rural areas,” the weather service warned.

The city of Des Moines, capital of Iowa, expect temperatures between -38 and -32 degrees Celsius during the day of Monday, January 15.

That day, participants in the Republican election must meet in schools and churches to cast their vote and choose their favorite candidate for the presidential elections.

They are expected to be the coldest elections on record and some campaign events have been canceled due to the storm.

The NWS warned in a warning that at these temperatures the skin can freeze in just 10 minutesso he recommended that people who have to leave home cover all parts of the body and limit the time exposed to extreme cold.

According to the weather service, these snowfalls and low temperatures are “only the first part of the story,” as the agency expects the cold front to extend to the Central Plains and the Mississippi Valley in the coming days.

The first major winter storm of the year in the United States impacted the center and southeast of the country last Tuesday, with strong winds, tornadoes and snowfall that left at least three dead and power outages.

With information from EFE.