China asks the US ‘not to put its spoon in’: Why is the White House worried about investing in Mexico?

The Ministry of Commerce of China rejected US interference in investments of companies from the Asian giant in Mexico, considering that it is an issue between “two sovereign countries” and a “normal commercial activity.”

The Ministry’s spokesperson, Shu Jieting, highlighted this Thursday at a press conference that Chinese companies have been investing in Mexico in recent years, which has “helped the economic and green development of the country,” according to the economic news portal Yicai. .

“No third party has the right to interfere in practical cooperationbetween China and Mexico,” Shu said.

“We urge the relevant countries to stop economic coercion,” added the spokesperson for the Asian giant’s commercial portfolio.

Why is the US concerned that China manufactures cars in Mexico?

Shu’s comments come after several US media outlets reported that officials of the North American country had expressed concerns about the intentions of Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers to invest in Mexico.

Different local media indicate that the companies MG Motor, BYD and Chery Automobile are negotiating with Mexican officials to build factories in the country.

The Administration of US President Joe Biden is concerned that Chinese manufacturers of electric vehicles can avoid the strict restrictions of the Law Reduction of Inflation by manufacturing cars in Mexico.

According to data from the Mexican Automobile Dealers Association (AMDA), sales of Chinese cars in Mexico increased by 51 percent to 212,000 vehicles in the first 10 months of this year.

China had asked the United States to be “coherent” and “respectful” in economic relationships and commercial relations between both countries, no longer sanctioning Chinese companies while “saying they want to cooperate” with the Asian giant.