Rudy Giuliani sued again after $148 million fine

Rudy Giuliani was just sentenced to a gigantic fine of millions for defamation. Now the two election workers who sought compensation have filed a new lawsuit.

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has to pay almost $150 million in damages for defaming two former election workers, has been sued again by the two women. Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss filed a cease-and-desist lawsuit on Monday. They want to go to court to ensure that the 79-year-old is no longer allowed to defame them in the future.

Freeman and Moss, who are mother and daughter, were poll workers in the US state of Georgia in the 2020 presidential election. Giuliani, an ally of former President Donald Trump, falsely claimed after the election that aides like them threw away ballots for Trump and forged papers for would have counted the Democrat Joe Biden. Moss and her mother were targeted by Trump supporters.

The plaintiffs are now accusing Giuliani of continuing to spread the same lies for which he has already been prosecuted. His refusal to refrain from making such statements in the future made it clear that he intended to continue his targeted defamation and harassment, the lawsuit says.

Ex-Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani remains unreasonable

Both women received national attention last year when they testified before the Congressional Committee investigating the Capitol attack. People threatened her and wished her death, Moss said. The two women ultimately sued for damages, accusing Giuliani that his claims had destroyed their reputation and led to numerous threats, including racist ones, against them. The two women are black.

Giuliani did not testify in the trial, but told reporters outside the court that he did not regret his statements and that they were true. Last Friday, the jury awarded the two women a significantly higher sum than they had demanded. Overall, Giuliani was too Damages and penalties totaling more than $148 million (136 million euros) were awarded. Giuliani has to pay around $37 million each for the two women Defamation and pay their psychological consequences. There is also a fine of $75 million. Giuliani has announced an appeal.