Biden jokes about Donald Trump – and opens up old wounds

Donald Trump has little positive association with the Correspondents Dinner. And this year too he had to take a beating from President Joe Biden. It is suspected that the event has a connection with Trump's presidency.

Joe Biden used the news correspondents' dinner at the White House to take aim at himself and his election opponent Donald Trump. He reacted sniffily. He doesn't associate anything good with the Correspondents Dinner anyway.

“The election campaign is in full swing. And age is clearly a problem,” said Biden, taking up one of the most important criticisms of his renewed candidacy – only to then turn it against his opponent. “I'm an adult running against a six-year-old,” he shot against Donald Trump. “Age is the only thing we have in common,” the 81-year-old teased his 77-year-old opponent. “My vice president supports my candidacy again.” Trump's deputy Mike Pence has now turned against his former boss.

Biden taunts Trump

Of course, swipes at the numerous criminal proceedings against Trump were also included. “He's just had a few tough days, you could call them stormy weather,” Biden joked, referring to the trial of hush money payments to Stormy Daniels.

But the danger posed by Trump should not be taken lightly, he then emphasized, unexpectedly seriously. Trump is directly attacking democracy and wants to be a dictator, emphasized Biden. “Eight years ago you could have dismissed this as Trump talk. But that's no longer possible. Not after January 6th.”

Trump's disgrace

When he spoke, he could be sure that his opponent was also listening. Donald Trump himself has a divided relationship with the White House press corps benefit event, which has been organized since 1921. Although the president traditionally attends the event in person, Trump has always refused to do so, once sending his press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and another time even banning his employees from visiting. Only one presidential visit had previously been canceled: Ronald Reagan did not personally attend the event in 1981 – in order to recover from serious injuries following an assassination attempt.

The background to Trump's dislike is a particular shame. While sitting in the audience as a guest at the Correspondents Dinner in 2011, then-President Barack Obama decided to get back at Trump for his spread of the so-called “birther” conspiracy theories that cast doubt on Obama's citizenship. To the cheers of the audience, he made fun of Trump's belief in conspiracy and his show “The Apprentice.”

Trump tried to hide his anger. When comedian Seth Meyers joined in as moderator, the decision was apparently made: According to Trump's advisor Roger Stone, that was the night that Donald Trump decided to become president. To take revenge.

Biden's silence – why the US President has not yet commented on the Trump trial

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Trump hits back – but only half-heartedly

The reaction to the current event, however, was almost harmless by Trump's standards. “The White House Correspondents' Dinner was really bad. Colin Jost FAILED and corrupt Joe was a complete disaster! It couldn't be worse!” he posted on his short message service Truth about Biden and the evening's moderator. Revenge could come later.

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