Baltimore Bridge: Body of fifth victim of collapse found

After the collapse of a bridge in Baltimore, authorities reported that They were already able to recover the body of a fifth victim who had been missing for more than a month.

It is the body of a 49-year-old man, identified under the name of Miguel Ángel Luna González of Glen Burnie, Maryland; This was reported by the Unified Rescue Command.

This was achieved because the rescue forces found one of the missing construction vehicles in the water, so they immediately notified the Maryland State Police.

Investigators from the state police, the Maryland Transportation Authority, the FBI and the state police underwater recovery team responded to the scene, as well as They were able to find the body inside a red truck.

It is worth remembering that A total of six members of a work crew died when falling into the water on March 26 due to the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, better known as the Baltimore Bridge, this after being hit by a container ships.

So far the authorities have only recovered the remains of five people, so one victim remains missing: José Mynor López. All of these people were migrants from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

“We remain dedicated to recovery operations, knowing that behind every person lost in this tragedy is a beloved family,” Maryland State Police Superintendent Roland Butler said in a statement.

“Together with local, state and federal agencies, we ask that everyone extend their sincere condolences and support to the families at this difficult time,” he added.

The container ship that crashed on the bridge remains there, but authorities plan to remove it on May 10 to allow transit through the Port of Baltimore to resume.

Which company will rebuild the Baltimore bridge and how much will it cost?

The reconstruction of the Baltimore bridge will be carried out by a salvage company that helped contain the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and already blew up part of New York's Tappan Zee Bridge.

For their part, federal officials explained to Maryland legislators that Rebuilding the Baltimore Bridge would cost an estimated $2 billion.including cleaning.

Reconstruction of the Baltimore Bridge must be carried out as soon as possible, because could disrupt global supply chains and the livelihoods of thousands of workers.