Telemundo reacts to Rafael Amaya's farewell to the network

MIAMI.- Rafael Amaya revealed to People in Spanish who says goodbye to Telemundo after working on nine seasons of the hit series The lord of the skies. Given this decision, the Hispanic network spoke out on the matter.

Telemundo statement

“Rafael Amaya has been an integral part of the Telemundo family and the success of the Telemundo franchise. The lord… for more than a decade,” Telemundo indicated in a statement reviewed in the aforementioned magazine.

“His continued dedication and professionalism, combined with his great talent, brought to life one of the most beloved and legendary characters of our times. Together, we bring our audience the most successful and longest-running fiction series in the world. Hispanic television. We wish Rafael the best in his future projects and we hope to have opportunities to collaborate with him again,” the network added.

Amaya, who for more than a decade played the famous character of Aurelio Casillas in the famous Telemundo series, exclusively told People in Spanish that he is ready to close this stage that catapulted his career.

“Close my cycle with The lord of the skies with this great ninth season, which fills me with great satisfaction. “I am full of gratitude,” he said.

The Mexican performer explained that seeing his character and the series grow is something that will always fill him with pride and satisfaction. However, he maintains that it is time to say goodbye, be grateful for his time in the plot and continue on his path. “I'm ready for the new chapter in my career.”

For many this news was surprising; Although, the actor had deleted all of his content on social networks and only left a photograph with his girlfriend Maritza Ramos.

“I very much look forward to the professional opportunities that are to come,” said the 47-year-old actor, confirming that he did not renew his contract for next season.