Venezuelan woman murdered in western Mexico

MEXICO CITY.- Mexican authorities announced on Sunday the discovery in the western state of Jalisco of the body of a Venezuelan who had been reported missing.

The Jalisco Attorney General’s Office said in a statement that the body was found buried during a search on a farm in the municipality of Chapala.

According to preliminary investigations, the physical characteristics of the body match those of Guillki Maika Torres, who had been missing since the beginning of the month, reported the State Prosecutor’s Office.

The authorities indicated that one person was arrested in the case, but did not specify when and where the arrest was made.

Torres, 38, was last seen on December 1 in the Guadalupe neighborhood of the Chapala municipality, according to a report from the Jalisco Person Search Commission.

Local humanitarian organizations maintain that Mexico faces a serious problem of murders of women that has escalated in recent years. Mexico’s feminicide rate stood at 1.55 per 100,000 women for 2021, according to figures from Impunidad Cero, a non-governmental organization that studies the high rate of impunity in the Mexican justice system.

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