Venezuelan fails in his attempt at salary arbitration

The Los Angeles Angels beat left-hander José Suárez on Friday in salary arbitration, giving the teams a 2-0 advantage in rulings this year.

Suárez will earn a salary of $925,000, instead of the $1.35 million he had requested. Joshua Gordon, Walt De Treux and Howard Edelman handled the case a day earlier.

The 26-year-old Venezuelan went 1-3 with an 8.29 ERA in seven starts and four relief appearances. He then won $750,000.

He was out of action from May 7 to September 13 due to a strain on his right shoulder.

A day earlier, outfielder Jazz Chisholm Jr. was beaten by Miami. He will earn $2,625,000 instead of 2.9 million.

Rulings are pending in the cases of outfielder Austin Hays and reliever Jason Webb, both of Baltimore.

Outfielder Taylor Ward made his case with the Los Angeles Angels on Friday. He is seeking an increase in his salary from $2.75 million to $4.8 million. The club has put 4.3 million on the table.

A decision from Jeanne Vonhof, Margaret Brogan and Jasbir Parmer is expected next week.

Eighteen players have hearings scheduled, which will take place until February 16. Among them is the Dominican Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Toronto star, who has asked for 19.9 million, against an offer of 18.05 million.

If there is no settlement in that case, it would be the highest salary awarded for one of these resources in history, whether Guerrero wins or loses. The Seattle outfielder, also Dominican, holds the record, with 14 million received, after losing his audience last year.