Fact denier Trump: What this means for science

He wanted to cure Corona with chlorine bleach, he denied the climate crisis: A look at the past shows what a new Trump presidency could expect in terms of dealing with facts.

This text is part of the series “Trump’s Revenge” in which our reporters investigate the question: What would happen if Donald Trump moved into the White House again? In this episode: Trump and science.

It was a somewhat clumsy line drawn in black felt-tip pen that clearly documented what the 45th President of the USA thought of facts and experts. Corona had not yet come to the world at that time. Donald J. Trump had not yet recommended fighting the “China virus” with bleach injections or UV radiation. However, it was already clear to some people what kind of times had begun with the change in the White House: the budget draft envisaged deep cuts for almost all branches of research, and entire organizations were threatened with “drowning in red ink,” as the science magazine “Science” warned. According to an advisor to the previous government, cutting funding for research and development to save money makes as much sense as removing engines because an airplane is too heavy to take off. But what effect can criticism have on a man who describes himself as a “stable genius”?