USA: Reports: Trump returns to the stock market with a media deal

High legal fees and penalties: Donald Trump needs money. A lucrative IPO could be just what he needs.

According to consistent reports, one of Donald Trump's media companies will go public – and will probably make the former US president billions richer. The timing of the development is likely to be convenient for the Republican because he has high legal fees and fines to pay. The New York Times, the Washington Post and other US media reported that the deal would give Trump a share package worth a good three billion US dollars (2.75 billion euros).

Shareholders of a shell company, Digital World Acquisition Corp., reportedly voted in favor of a long-planned merger with Trump's media company, Trump Media & Technology Group, which operates the Truth Social network he founded. The merger and IPO will provide the loss-making network with a much-needed cash injection, the newspapers further reported.

Trump is not allowed to sell shares immediately

The merged company Trump Media will soon be traded on the stock exchange with the abbreviation “DJT” – based on Trump's initials. According to the Washington Post, Trump will own about 60 percent of the new company. According to a contractual clause in the merger, he may only sell his shares after six months at the earliest. Critics expect the share price to fall because, according to annual reports, Truth Social is losing money with relatively low sales.

The real estate entrepreneur Trump (77) wants to move into the White House for the Republicans again in November. However, he is currently making a lot of headlines with the lawsuits against him. In addition to four criminal proceedings, the main proceedings of which have not yet begun, there are also civil proceedings against Trump. In two first-instance cases in New York, he has to pay a total of more than half a billion dollars for penalties and interest due. In a fraud case, Trump must pay more than 450 million dollars (around 415 million euros), including interest, by Monday or make a corresponding deposit. Until recently, it was unclear whether Trump would be able to meet the deadline. Trump has appealed the ruling.