Between precariousness and hope: Cuba in protest for freedom

Once again we have experienced the deep desire for freedom of the Cuban people. The brothers of the Island, tired and overwhelmed by 65 years of living in extreme misery, the lack of basic freedoms and the constant psychological violence of the regime, take to the streets to demand once and for all to have Rights to have Human Rights.

The caste of the murderous regime justifies its inefficient, mediocre and violent actions through the absurd and blind rhetoric that everything is like Alice in Wonderland. Lies and more lies! Enough, criminal dictatorship! of applying assisted death to an entire people who are hungry and suffering from unhealthiness.

We know that the path to definitive freedom costs many sacrifices and the generous dedication of brave men and women who throughout history have given and are giving their lives to the cause of the freedom of their brothers and of those we have many examples within of Cuba and in the diaspora. We cannot afford to continue losing the most valuable thing that God has given us: Life.

From the diaspora, many of us will continue to be the voice of those who have no voice, to see our Homeland freed from the terror of the communist system. Hope in freedom is the shield of those of us who quickly long for real and possible change in the land where we were born. There are many Cubans who, from independent civil society, have concrete proposals in all economic and social areas so that the different Institutions grow and develop projects for the common good.

The Cubans imprisoned on the island prison deserve to be immediately freed from the terror and fear of communism and its manifestations. Virgin of Charity of Cobre, intercede before your Son Jesus Christ for your children who suffer and cry desperately for a change on the Island. I am sure that the Homeland views us proud of our commitment and dedication to freedom.