US primaries: How Trump and Haley arrive before the showdown in New Hampshire

After his victory in Iowa, Donald Trump is also the big favorite in the next primaries in New Hampshire. Only Nikki Haley can stop him. But it’s difficult for them, as our reporter experienced on site.

The blue signs are everywhere, on country roads and intersections, on garden fences and even in front of some shops. “Trump 2024” is written on them. And underneath it is the motto of his increasingly powerful MAGA movement: “Make America Great Again.”

In the front yards of some houses there are meter-high posters next to the US flag with the inscription: “Jesus is my Savior, Trump is my President.”

And there is a third slogan, less often seen, more in the country, and yet powerful: “Trump Won!”

That means: He won in 2020. The elections were stolen. He is the actual president. Not Joe Biden.