US politics: Republican Liz Cheney warns urgently about Trump

Liz Cheney always finds clear words when it comes to Donald Trump. Now she has written a book – and vigorously warns against the former US president. Party colleagues don’t fare well either.

The US Republican Liz Cheney has once again warned against former President Donald Trump with clear words and sharply criticized her party colleagues. “As a nation, we can endure harmful policies for a four-year term,” Cheney writes in her new book “Oath and Honor,” which CNN previously quoted.

“But we cannot survive a president who is willing to override our Constitution.” The former congresswoman warns in the book, which is due to be published in early December: “The assumption that our institutions will protect themselves is purely wishful thinking from people who would rather look the other way.”

Cheney supported Trump before the Capitol attack

The arch-conservative politician is considered the loudest Trump critic among Republicans. She paid a high price for this. She lost her leadership role within the party and ultimately her seat in the House of Representatives. She took a leading role in the committee investigating the attack on the US Capitol and repeatedly warned that Trump posed a threat to democracy. But Cheney only openly turned against Trump after the Capitol attack. Previously, she largely supported his policies.

In her new book, the 57-year-old also speaks out against her party: “We have now also learned that most Republicans in Congress will do what Donald Trump demands, no matter what it is.” The US could no longer count on elected Republicans to protect the country. Cheney is open to running as an independent candidate in the 2024 presidential election if Trump becomes her party’s nominee. However, the daughter of former US Vice President Dick Cheney is not given any chances.