Ohtani, Messi, Cristiano and the rest of the most lucrative contracts in sport

THE ANGELS.- Shohei Ohtani, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Patrick Mahomes and Mike Trout. Five of the best athletes in the world, each with a long list of epic achievements with their teams, respectively.

Ohtani cashed in on his success on Saturday by agreeing to a contract 700 million and 10 years with the Los Angeles Dodgers. It is undoubtedly the richest agreement in the history of the four main professional sports leagues in USA.

The Japanese star joins an exclusive list of sports luminaries whose financial records They are in line with their deeds on the playing field.

Here’s a look at the highest-paid players in the world of sports:


In Ohtani, essentially, you have two elite baseball players in the same team. Your new agreement with Dodgers reflects his unique talent and enormous courage.

Pitcher and hitter, Ohtani unanimously won the award for Most valuable Player of the American League for the second time. He hit .304 with 44 home runs, 95 RBIs and 20 steals for the Los Angeles Angels. As a pitcher, the right-hander was 10-5 with a 3.14 ERA in 23 starts on the mound.

His average annual salary of 70 million almost doubles the 42.3 million he earned with the Angels. He also exceeded the entire payroll of Baltimore and Oakland this year.


Like Ohtani, the Argentine star’s contract reflects his value to his club within and off the soccer field.

At 36 years old, Messi revolutionized the MLS when he announced his signing with the InterMiami. He just won his eighth Golden Ball.

Messi’s agreement with Miami is for two and a half seasons, charging between 50 and 60 million dollars annually — so its total value would range between 125 and 150 million in cash only.


The Portugal star abruptly left the club Manchester United after a television interview in which he criticized the coach Erik ten Hag and the club owners.

He soon received a lucrative new contract, although he had to leave Europe. The Saudi club Al Nassr He signed the forward until June 2025. It is said that he earns 200 million annually.


Mahomes is one of the biggest stars in the game. NFL and receives his pay accordingly. The 28-year-old quarterback agreed in September to restructure his contract, for $450 million and 10 years, with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Under the new agreement, the current Most valuable Player of the league will earn $56.85 million this season, $44.5 million next season, $50 million in 2025 and $56.76 million in 2026.

Mahomes set a franchise record by throwing for 5,250 yards last season, along with 41 touchdown passes, and just 12 interceptions. He has won two Super Bowls with Kansas City.


Before Ohtani, Trout had the largest contract in NBA history. Big leagues.

The outfielder signed a 12-year, $426.5 million contract with the Angels in March 2019. The three times Most valuable Player of the American League has suffered several injuries in recent years, appearing in just 424 of Los Angeles’ 708 regular-season games over the most recent five seasons.

Trout, 32, He made his debut at the top level in 2011. He is a career .301 hitter with 368 home runs and 940 RBIs in 1,489 games.


Lebron James agreed in August 2022 to a two-year, $97.1 million contract extension with the Lakers, remaining linked until the 2024-25 season. James will turn 39 on December 30.

For its part, Austin Matthews signed a four-year, $53 million contract extension in August with the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL. The deal has an average annual value of $13.25 million, making him the highest-paid player in the ice hockey league starting in 2024-25.