US on alert for Pemex – El Financiero

Everyone in Mexico has recognized that Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) must have precise and continuous monitoring of its finances, since any imbalance could put the company in an even more vulnerable situation.

But, in addition, the same oil company has recognized, not in Mexico, but in the United States, that the elections that we will have in less than a month in our country and in November in the United States could represent a risk factor for its operations.

While little is touched on the topic here, in the report submitted to the United States Securities Commission (SEC), they recognize that economic and political events in Mexico can negatively affect Mexican economic policy and, at the same time, in turn, the operations.

In addition to Pemex, which has Octavio Romero Oropezamade an evaluation of the current administration and the Mexican Congress, recognizing that they cannot predict how future policies could affect the results of operations and financial position.

To which we must add that, given the political management of Pemex's finances, and in the face of a change of government, in which everything indicates that they will also change direction, they are already looking for an expert on the subject among all the advisors to the candidates.

The bad news that Pemex also gave to the SEC is that they cannot offer guarantees that political events in Mexico will not have an adverse effect on the Mexican economy and on the Mexican oil and gas industry or its business, which would be affecting the ability to pay the debt, which is already under scrutiny everywhere.

This, without leaving aside the fact that the presidential and federal congressional elections will take place in Mexico and the United States in June and November 2024, respectively, and both economies are highly correlated.

In Pemex's risk map, political developments in the United States, including changes in that country's administration and government policies, may also have an impact on the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Mexican peso, the conditions economic in Mexico and global capital markets, which would also affect the Mexican oil company.

Without a doubt, this sincerity was needed, and it is better to be clear that the “beards began to soak” in the face of the upcoming change of government.

Public safety, an issue that must be followed

There will be many criticisms on different fronts regarding public security issues, but at least in Mexico City there are a large number of businessmen, who in 'short' comment that the work done by the current Senate candidate Omar García Harfuch it was good.

But they also highlight that the work they have done to date Pablo Vazquez Camachocurrent Secretary of Citizen Security of CDMX, who is an expert in prevention and one of the best qualified officials in public security, must be followed closely, since the numbers have been positive since he took command.

Although unfortunately, he and the team he dispatches on the street in Liverpool carry the stigma of being García Harfuch's people, which has caused him several problems, since neither Clara Brugada neither Santiago Taboada They contemplate leaving the SSC as a bastion of García Harfuch.

We must not forget that if the candidate of the Morena-PT-Verde coalition, Claudia Sheinbaum, wins the Presidency, everything indicates that he would appoint Garcia Harfuch as Secretary of Federal Security and this, in turn, would take his entire team, including Pablo Vazquez.

For now, the work done by Vázquez Camacho has left a good impression among those who generate jobs, and that should not be put aside.

Eyes are on everyone and in the end, the issue of safety is a priority.

Work for better public transportation

The debt not only with the residents of the capital, but throughout the country is in the issue of mobility in public transportation, you just have to take a look at the entities near Mexico City and we will see the chaos that exists in transportation.

In the case of Mexico City, we must recognize that we have quite a problem, because so far in 2024, there have been five environmental contingencies decreed by the Environmental Commission of the Megalopolis (Came), two of them in this month that just recently begins, and where public transportation such as the Metro and the Metrobús are a key element in getting the capital's residents to move, but it is a fact that they are overwhelmed.

In addition, cities contribute 70 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions and, of this percentage, 50 percent of these emissions are attributable to transportation, so, to avoid an ecological disaster due to increased global temperature, it is necessary to make drastic decisions, such as reducing private mobility in favor of public transport, but will anyone dare to work on this issue?

There you have to follow what he has been commenting on Pere Calvet, who is the honorary president of the International Union of Public Transport (UITP), before members of the Mexican Association of Mobility Authorities (AMTM), who presides Nicolás Alberto Rosales Pallares.

For specialists, it is a fact that work must be done to reduce the use of private vehicles out of conviction and not out of obligation, but for that, first-class public transportation is necessary, and although in the case of the CDMX Metro, which has Guillermo Calderon Together with his team, he has focused on improving maintenance and on the entire issue of rehabilitation, the work must be on all fronts together with the citizens.

This, together with the issue that governments must have resources to facilitate quality transportation, promote the energy transition, invest in new buses, trains and taxis, as well as in the infrastructure to make payments with modal and credit cards. , where Visa and Mastercard They are also intervening to ensure that users choose to swipe their cards and make the process more agile and efficient. In short, there is a lot to do.

Nubank's 100 million customers

It seems surprising, but it is a fact that Nubank, What a background David Velez, It changed the way of doing business not only in Brazil, the country where it began operations, but throughout the world, since it is a benchmark in the way of interacting with its clients, achieving more than 100 million users in Latin America.

In Mexico, Wildebeest, that carries Ivan Canales and which is in the process of becoming a bank, contributed 7 million clients, a record number, but if you see the whole of what the Brazilian brand has done, this growth sounds logical.

Nubank has operations in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia and, according to its numbers, in the Rio country it has a record of 92 million clients.

With barely 11 years of operation, and with participation in the New York Stock Exchange, Nubank has broken the mold and today continues to be in the attention of investors and authorities, for the work they have been doing.

In the case of Mexico, since last year they have been working on becoming a bank, a process that is currently underway and which they hope will be completed in 2024.

For now, the coin is in the air.