Chile expels 65 migrants for committing criminal acts

SANTIAGO DE CHILE- The Government of Chile announced the deportation of 65 Venezuelan citizens via a charter flight bound for Caracas. This measure was taken due to his involvement in various crimes and others for having entered the country irregularly. With this action, the total number of expulsions so far this year rises to 411.

According to statements by the spokesperson for the Chilean Government, Camila Vallejo, in a press conference, she explained that 55 of these deportations were the result of judicial processes, related to crimes such as illicit association, robbery with intimidation, illicit arms trafficking or possession of weapons, among others. The remaining ten individuals were expelled for illegally entering Chilean territory.

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For his part, the director of the National Migration Service, Luis Eduardo Thayer, highlighted the Government's determination in carrying out these expulsions, describing them as a firm response to those who commit crimes or enter the country irregularly. Thayer emphasized that this policy is reflected not only on this flight, but also on the previous eleven and those to come.

This action follows the deportation of more than fifty migrants on April 19, when a flight left for Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia. In that case, 34 people were expelled by judicial decisions and 19 by administrative measures.

These measures reflect Chile's commitment to maintaining order and security in its territory, as well as applying the law equitably to all individuals within its borders.