US election campaign Donald Trump mixes up Joe Biden and Barack Obama – again

The US election campaign is a hectic time for the leading candidates. But it doesn’t help Donald Trump to constantly label the incumbent president as a confused old man when he himself doesn’t seem to be up to speed.

Even among ardent supporters, ex-president and Republican star Donald Trump caused a brief moment of astonishment over the weekend. Because during his usual stormy speech, he confused – once again – his former nemesis Barack Obama with the incumbent President Joe Biden.

Donald Trump is attacking Obama again

On Saturday evening, Trump thundered into the microphone: “Putin has so little respect for Obama that he is now talking about nuclear weapons. You heard that right. Nuclear weapons. I was just waiting for it. We have a fool as president. He said: ‘We will “Don’t leave Ukraine until we’ve won” – we’ll probably be there for a long time.” The video shows, among others, the “Guardian”.

The British daily writes that the crowd, which normally frantically applauds every half-sentence at Donald Trump’s election rallies, briefly fell silent. Anyone who has been counting will have noticed that in just six months, Trump has swapped the current president with Obama three times. As a reminder: Obama sat in the Oval Office from 2009 to 2017, followed by Trump himself. Only then did Biden come into play – and Trump should actually know that very well, considering how much he still questions the election results back then to this day.

A fight between two aging politicians

It is becoming increasingly clear to Americans that the current likely top candidates, whether Democrat or Republican, are no longer the youngest. In fact, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the oldest presidential candidates in US history – and Trump actually always made fun of the fact that Joe Biden constantly mixes things up. The more often this happens to him, the more crumbling the facade becomes.

In the upcoming duel for the presidency, Joe Biden will be 81 years old. If Trump runs against him, which is almost certain, he would start the race at the age of 77. The difference is therefore quite marginal, even if it seemed larger recently.