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The USA is more divided than ever. The star-Team on site informs you about the most important developments and provides insights into how Americans really view their country.

On November 5, 2024, the USA will elect a new president. As of today, this “new guy” will be an “old guy”: Joe Biden, 81, is fighting for re-election, probably against former President Donald Trump, 77. But it’s about more than the highest state office: America’s democracy is at stake. American society has never been so divided – within and across party lines.

What influences US citizens in their voting decisions? How does the election campaign reflect your everyday life? And of course: what will they decide on Tuesday, November 5th? (And why on a Tuesday of all days?)

Our correspondents and reporters report from on-site about both the traditional and the extraordinary, talk to voters and those elected and tell you the stories behind their research while on the move.