The impact of Lionel Messi and the almost kidnapping of an Argentine grandmother by Hamas

The impact of Lionel Messi can be observed within each field in which he jumps to play, but what is undoubtedly more impressive is what the Argentine star is capable of generating, today with Inter Miami of the MLS, in the least expected territories and in situations unimaginable.

One of them took place in Nir Oz, on the border with Gaza. That was the home of the Cuño family, Argentines who lived in Israel in the eighties.

In one morning, two Palestinian attackers from Hamas They entered the South American family’s house, while another group of terrorists attacked the community. The intruders demanded that 90-year-old Ester know the whereabouts of her relatives, but she remained calm and diverted her attention to soccer.


And that is precisely what Mrs. Ester attributes her survival to, as she explained to the attackers that she had been born in the same place as the Argentine star Lionel Messi, who had years of success at Barcelona, ​​before moving to Paris. Saint-Germain and finally reach Inter Miami of the MLS.

One of the intruders said that he liked Messi and made her pose for a famous photo that ended up going viral, according to Fuente Latina. After that, they both left the house and Mrs. Ester avoided a kidnapping.

Captured on video:

That experience is one of many captured in a new documentary in Spanish called “Voices of October 7.” They are stories of survival, detailing the massacre in the mouths of Israeli Latinos.

The film is produced by Fuente Latina, a non-profit organization that works with Spanish-speaking media covering incidents in Israel, along with director Tony Hernández, founder of the award-winning Immigrant Archive Project.