United Nations targets green investment for tourism

MIAMI. – He tourism celebrates its World Day this September 27. By 2023, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) focused on the investments green.

On this anniversary, the UNWTO will hold a day in which the importance of new challenges and investing in people, the planet and prosperity will be addressed. This purpose involves betting on education and skills, in addition to sustainable infrastructure and innovation.

The central day of World Tourism Day will take place in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it should be noted that it is celebrated this September 27 because it coincides with the date when the Statutes of the organization that later became the UNWTO were signed.

United Nations indicates that after the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the closure of activities and global confinement, the debate arose around the dynamics of tourism and how to bet on investments that point towards a more sustainable future.

In this way, the UN considers that there is a universe of options to contribute to the sustainable development goals and is embarking on a path that it considers feasible.

The celebration of tourism is conducive to disseminating the attractions of each region and stimulating respect and preservation of these spaces.

Route for tourism

The UNWTO, a United Nations agency, aims to promote the tourism as an engine of economic growth, inclusive development and environmental sustainability. At the same time, it provides support plans to the sector to expand knowledge and promote tourism policies in the world.

The proposed route indicates that, by 2030, millions of hospitality graduates will be required per year, while another 800,000 jobs per year will require specific vocational training.

“For these reasons, we have to invest in people, who are the basis of tourism, so that everyone who wants to be part of the sector has the same opportunities to access quality tourism training, anywhere in the world,” he says. United Nations.

On the planet, they estimate that there is an opportunity to investment of $24.7 trillion in the green building sector in emerging market cities by 2030.

Of that money, according to the UN, $1.5 trillion corresponds to hotels, resorts and restaurants.

“In tourism there are many more investment opportunities related to new solutions and technologies to decarbonize the sector, as well as guarantee resilient infrastructure from a climate point of view,” they point out.

Key investment

On the other hand, the United Nations suggests that digitalization and innovation programs represent a strategic priority to support, in a timely manner, young people and women, who are seen as key actors in improving the skills of tourism workers.

“The global need to invest in entrepreneurship and innovation programs is extremely present in the tourism sector, so this line must continue to be explored,” highlights the organization.

They also point out that the tourism It occupies one in 10 people in the world. Furthermore, in emerging countries, 50% of young people cannot work in this sector due to the absence of opportunities, resources and academic instruction.

FOUNTAIN: Source: United Nations / Europa Press / International Day Portal