Ukraine and Israel run out of US wool: Republicans deny budget for wars

Members of the Republican Party in the Senate have refused approval of a new package worth $110 billion of military aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, as well as humanitarian aid for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, arguing that more spending needs to be included for US border security.

The vote ended with 51 votes in favor and 49 against, compared to the 60 required for the measure to go ahead in a context of political blockade promoted by the Republicans, particularly by the most radical wing.

“This is a sad night in the history of the Senate and our country. “Republicans just blocked a much-needed proposal to send funds to Ukraine, funds to Israel, humanitarian aid for innocent civilians in Gaza and funds to the Indo-Pacific,” said Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, where They have a majority, according to the American network C.B.S..

“If Republicans in the Senate don’t get serious very soon about a national security package, (Russian President) Vladimir Putin will go through Ukraine and Europe,” Schumer added after the vote.

Both US President Joe Biden and other Democratic members They have urged Republicans for months to vote in favor of this package, whose approval is increasingly urgent for Washington, which has recently admitted that aid funds for Ukraine are practically exhausted. In fact, the Senate will begin its recess on December 15.

However, Republicans insist that stricter measures must be taken at the border to address irregular migration, even though the package already includes $5.3 billion for customs and border protection and another $2.3 billion for dollars for customs and immigration control.

White House announces military cooperation plan with Ukraine

The White House has assured that This vote “does not change the fact” that Congress must take “pressing” measures in the face of the lack of funds for Ukraine.

“There is a large bipartisan majority in Congress that supports Ukraine. That was true the day Putin launched this brutal war, and he remains true today. With funds to arm Ukraine nearly exhausted, we now face a decisive moment of truth: will the United States continue to support Ukraine in its fight for freedom, or will we ignore the lessons of history and let Putin and autocracy prevail? ?”, said White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan in a statement.

In that sense, he explained that Approval of the package is “fundamental” for national security interestsincluding strengthening border security and combating fentanyl trafficking.

“The stakes are too high and the consequences too serious to allow a minority in Congress to hold Ukraine funding hostage over any unrelated issue. The world is watching us and history will judge us. If we walk away and Putin takes Ukraine, he won’t stop there,” Sullivan said.