Tyson Fury feels confident with his height against Usyk

MORECAMBE-. For Tyson Furysize does matter in your fight against Oleksandr Usykwhich will lead to the coronation of the first undisputed heavyweight champion since 2000.

Usyk, who previously fought in the cruiser category, will have a disadvantage of close to 50 pounds (22.7 kilograms) compared to Fury, who measures 2.09 meters, about 15 centimeters taller.

There will also be an advantage for Fury in range, about 18 centimeters.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Fury praised Usyk's boxing talents, but emphasized that the difference in size between the two undefeated fighters will be too much for the Ukrainian to win the May 18 fight in Saudi Arabia.

“There's a reason we have weight divisions,” Furuy said. “I've studied every cruiser that's ever lived, and when they step up to take on the big guys, they usually lack what it takes. They can beat the big guys who have an average level, but they can't beat the elite big guys. Size is what really matters.”

SugarHill Steward, Fury's trainer, supported his argument.

“He is the biggest. When you have a smaller boxer with the same talents, the bigger one will always win,” he asserted.

The fight was originally scheduled for February 17, but was postponed two weeks before it took place due to Fury suffering an injury to his right eyebrow during a session with a sparring partner.

Fury, champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC), said that the postponement has allowed him to arrive in better shape to face Usyk, holder of the belts of the World Association, the World Organization and the International Boxing Federation (WBA, WBO). and FIB).

“At first I felt a little depressed, for a day or two, but then, like everything in life, I realized that God's timing is perfect,” said Fury from Morecambe, a town in northern England, near the Place where he lives.