Trump wins at least eleven of 15 states on Super Tuesday

In the presidential primaries on Super Tuesday, former President Donald Trump has already won eleven of the 15 states in which voting took place. According to forecasts from US broadcasters, the Republican won on Tuesday against his internal party rival Nikki Haley in the states of Arkansas, Alabama, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

The former US ambassador to the United Nations and ex-governor of the state of South Carolina was initially unable to win a state. However, in Vermont in the northeastern United States, she was neck-and-neck with Trump. The outcome of the election was not clear even hours after the polls closed, and Haley was able to move ahead of Trump in the ongoing vote count.

There were further primaries on Tuesday in Alaska, California and Utah. If Haley is unsuccessful, the 52-year-old is likely to soon drop out of the conservative party's presidential race. This would de facto confirm Trump's renewed candidacy for president – and thus a new duel with Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election on November 5th.

On “Super Tuesday,” the Republicans held primaries in 15 states and decided on more than 850 delegates – and thus more than a third of the delegates who will ultimately elect the party's presidential candidate. In order to be chosen as the presidential candidate, a candidate needs the votes of 1,215 of the 2,429 Conservative delegates.

Biden's Democrats also held primaries in 15 states. The president is almost certain to run again because he has no serious rivals within his party – even though many Democrats consider the 81-year-old to be too old to run again.