The US 'is left alone' in defense of Israel at the UN: Countries ask that a ceasefire in Gaza be respected

America was left alone in its interpretation that the resolution approved on Monday by the UN Security Council, the first in which it calls an “immediate ceasefire” in the Gaza Stripis non-binding.

The spokesman for the general secretariat, Farhan Haq, asked about this, said this Tuesday that the Council resolutions must be read according to article 25 of the UN Charter, which reads: “the members of the UN agree to accept and carry out the decisions of the Security Council”, but refused to go further in his interpretation of the word “binding”.

The Security Council held this Tuesday a new meeting dedicated to the Palestinian issue – already scheduled previously – and in it Russia and China harshly criticized the new reading that Washington now wants to make of the UN resolutions.

China's deputy ambassador, Geng Shuang, expressed his surprise at the United States' interpretation and told the Council: “All Council resolutions are binding, including 2728 (approved on Monday). That is beyond any doubt. All countries that join the UN are committed to implementing these resolutions. It is an obligation according to the UN charter.”

The Russian ambassador, Vasili Nebenzia, wondered if the words of the various American officials “mean that the United States no longer considers itself subject to UN provisions and is encouraging Israel to do the same”, because in that case “it no longer makes any sense at all to continue discussing in this chamber (the Security Council)”.

It was not only Russia and China, usual rivals of the United States; Also the representative of Sierra Leone, Michael Imran Kanu, said that his country “wants to be clear and unambiguous: Resolution 2728 is binding on all Member States.”

And the Algerian Amar Bendjma added: “The UN charter is clear: the Council's resolutions are binding, not almost, not in part, not perhaps,” he said graphically.

In one way or another, in some cases without mentioning the United States, all the members of the Council emphasized the obligatory nature of Monday's resolution and thus questioned, directly or indirectly, the reading that the United States has made of yesterday's resolution, which perplexed many observers.

Until Monday, there was a consensus shared by everyone that Security Council resolutions are bindingcontrary to those of the General Assembly, although they are not always fulfilled because The Council does not establish specific tools to bind a country.

In fact, the resolution approved at the end of December to accelerate the passage of humanitarian aid in Gaza has been ignored by Israelwhich instead of lifting the obstacles to this aid has done the opposite – according to all UN agencies – without costing it any sanction or warning from the Council.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia asked this Tuesday comply with the United Nations Security Council resolution for a ceasefire in the Gaza war approved the day before with the abstention of the United States.

Foreign Affairs indicated that this resolution “establishes in a clear and univocal way the demand for an immediate ceasefire during the month of Ramadanto be fulfilled by all parties and that will lead to a lasting end to the clashes.”

Moscow stressed that this resolution also provides for the possibility of bringing humanitarian aid to the Palestinian enclave and the release of hostages held by Hamas militias.

The UN rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories, Francesca Albanese, blamed the international community for allowing, through its inaction, Israel is currently committing genocide in Gazaby presenting a report to the Human Rights Council in which it sees “reasonable grounds” to believe that this crime against humanity is being committed in the strip.

“The international community cannot continue to ignore Israel's project, which is to get rid of Palestine and the Palestinians in defiance of international law,” the Italian expert stressed in her presentation of the report before the United Nations Human Rights Council.

He added that “by not holding Israel to account, the world has allowed genocide to spread through Gaza,” urging the international community to “fulfill its obligations, which would involve imposing an arms embargo and sanctions on Israel.”

Albanese presented a report, already released to the press on Monday, which under the title “Anatomy of a genocide” considers that there is reasonable evidence to conclude that Israel is committing at least three genocidal acts defined as such in the international convention that since 1948 seeks to prevent and punish this crime.

“When the genocidal intentions are as clear and ostentatious as they are in Gaza, we cannot look the other way, we must confront it, avoid it and punish it,” he said.

Why does Israel commit genocide in Gaza?

The rapporteur presents as evidence that Israel is committing a genocide in Gaza (something that the UN International Court of Justice is still trying to determine in The Hague) facts such as the murder of more than 30 thousand Palestinians in almost half a year of attacks, 13 thousand of them babies, girls and boys.

“Journalists, doctors, nurses, artists, academics, engineers, scientists and their relatives… an entire society is in the spotlight,” stressed the rapporteur, who recalled that in addition to the more than 30 thousand Palestinians who have been murdered In the conflict there are 12 thousand missing and 71 thousand people have been injured.

Albanese also highlighted that in In the first two weeks of the attacks, Israel blocked the entry of any type of humanitarian aid into Gaza.and in the following months it has continued to impose strong restrictions on the arrival of water, food, electricity and fuel.

The acts of genocide “have been fueled by a vehement anti-Palestinian speechwhich describes the entire population of Gaza as enemies who must be eradicated or forcibly expelled,” he said, and stated that this tactic permeates all of Israeli society, including “senior officials who routinely call on soldiers to annihilate the people of Gaza.” Loop”.

Albanese added that “the genocide in Gaza is the most extreme phase of a long process of colonization and settlement to try to eliminate the Palestinians,” which has continued for more than 76 years in which that people “have been oppressed in every way.” imaginable, destroying their inalienable right to self-determination.”