Deadline for Trump is expiring: New York's judiciary wants almost half a billion dollars

Former US President Donald Trump faces a deadline on Monday that requires him to post nearly half a billion dollars in security after being convicted of business fraud. The New York judiciary requires him to deposit around 454 million dollars (418 million euros) or provide bail bonds of this amount. The amount corresponds to his fine plus interest.

A judge imposed the punishment because Trump is said to have artificially inflated the value of his real estate empire in order to obtain favorable conditions from banks and insurance companies. Trump has appealed, but will have to provide security in case he fails. A few days ago, his lawyers declared that the expected new presidential candidate would not be able to perform. Trump is therefore threatening to confiscate real estate. This threat has not been averted by the fact that the IPO of his media company TMTG was decided on Friday – Trump initially has no access to the resulting billions in income.