The new Rubiales scandal, which includes Messi and Piqué

“Between heaven, earth and WhatsApp nothing is hidden”, is the new way of referring to the fact that in the end, the secrets that are told in “private conversations” can always appear in public light. Some messages between Luis Rubialesthe former president of the Spanish Football Federation, Aleksander Ceferin (president of the UEFA), Lionel Messi and Gerard Piquécreate a new controversy in the sports world.

An investigation carried out in the Spanish press, specifically the media The Objective, revealed a new scandal that includes the controversial former president, who in 2024 is experiencing a whirlwind of problems, since the “non-consensual” kiss with the world champion, Jenny Hermoso.

This time, some exchanges of messages with his friend Piqué that would have the purpose of persuading the president of UEFA, Aleksander Ceferin so that he would allocate money from the Union of European Football Federations towards elite players, very angry with the salary reduction that caused the Coronavirus crisis.

“The first conversation about this matter began on April 2, 2020. Rubiales called Piqué by phone, who responded by WhatsApp that he would return the call in half an hour. In that telephone conversation – as this newspaper learned after analyzing the communications of the former president of the RFEF with Ceferin–Piqué, with Messi's authorization, expresses to Rubiales the Argentine player's concern about the significant reduction in his million-dollar salary due to the coronavirus pandemic. A few days before, FC Barcelona had proposed a salary reduction. of up to 70% for the workforce, in response to the health crisis that also had an impact on the economy,” reports the aforementioned media.

In the audio sent to Alexsander Ceferin, the former president of the RFEF, in English, talks to him about an alleged diversion of funds from UEFA itself: “They (Piqué and Messi) told me clearly that, please, no one should find out that “We're talking about our money because if people find out, they're going to kill us.” “I send you this audio with a message from Leo Messi. It is my voice, but his message,” he concludes in the audio – you can hear it at the header of this news item.

The information from The Objective continues, ensuring that Ceferin reassures Rubiales and assures him that “not even his dog will find out.” It is here where, supposedly, the former president of the RFEF talks to him about the possibility of diverting part of the funds from UEFA to benefit Leo Messi and Piqué, affected by the salary drop due to covid-19: “I say that it is “It's important for us to have Messi and the rest with us. Without having to put money in, we just change the destination and continue giving money to young clubs.”

In the exclusive given by that media, you can also see other types of messages between Luis Rubiales, Leo Messi and Gerard Piqué, after the conversation with Aleksander Ceferin, to finish, again, transmitting the idea to the president of UEFA : “He (Messi) is afraid that someone will know that we are taking care of the salaries of the great players.”

The Objective also adds that “there could be indications of alleged influence peddling, given that the players involved in the negotiations with Rubiales would benefit from this strategic plan, possibly obtaining more favorable conditions than the rest of their colleagues.”

Another version regarding Messi

How the truth cannot be absolute or for only one side of the story. With the news spread by The Objective echoed in the Spanish press and the world, the newspaper El Español sought more information about the case in question regarding the Argentine star and the alleged request.

Sources from UEFA and the RFEF tell THE SPANISH that in the meeting between Messi and Ceferin, the Argentine conveyed the urgency of creating a fund destined, above all, for the most needy footballers and that he preferred “do not charge if there is no money to help everyone.” This story being different for the case of Messi, but it confirms that there was an approach to the president of UEFA.

The aid fund was not created by UEFA and the players took the course of their actions with their salaries, together with their respective teams.

Messi and Piqué, as well as other of their teammates, reached an agreement to defer payments that in some cases, to this day, continue to be settled.

This latest information would nullify any accusation against Messi, despite the contrary appearing on WhatsApp.

Embed – AUDIO | Messi, Rubiales and Pique negotiated with Ceferin a diversion of UEFA funds