The absurd record of Xabi Alonso and his Bayer Leverkusen

Xabi Alonso’s team, Bayer Leverkusen, beat Leipzig 3-2 in a match that was decided in stoppage time with a goal from Hincapi√© to complete an epic comeback.

What seemed like an attempt to overturn Leverkusen’s undefeated record turned out to be broken hopes for Leipzig.

The pace of the match was controlled by the locals from the beginning, despite the fact that Bayer showed themselves in all duels of the current campaign as an aggressive opponent from the first minute.

Xavi Simons once again pulled a genius out of his hat with a subtle touch to put it on the left and score with a volley (7′). At the very least, Leipzig dominated most of the first half.

It is evident that Xabi Alonso knows how to improve his team’s rhythm with the right words. Leverkusen started the second half as if nothing had happened in the first 45 minutes of play and in just three minutes after the second half whistle sounded, Tella scored the tie.

Although Leverkusen took shape and that was a problem for Leipzig, the locals took advantage of an error in the rival’s corner and a devastating counterattack between Simons and Dani Olmo, the latter sending Openda, who broke the nets and the scoreboard in the 56′.

With the result again against the leader of the German table, it was their turn to show why they are untouchable. A header from Tah tied the score once again in the 63rd minute.

In 238 days, Bayer Leverkusen has undefeated official matches. There are 27 games without defeats, in which they tied three times and with the goal in the 91st minute by Ecuadorian Piero Hincapié, they added 15 wins in the Bundesliga.

There is no better team today than Xabi Alonso. He took seven points from Bayern Munich, which can make it difficult for them to be champions against such a team.