Extreme cold in the US: Tennessee residents are left without water due to frozen pipes

He Arctic weather brought new hardships to much of the United States this Saturday, particularly for people unaccustomed to such cold in places like Memphis, Tennessee, where residents were urged to boil water and many did not have it after the freeze burst water mains in the city. No higher temperatures are forecast for the rest of the weekend.

So many pipes burst in Memphis that the water pressure dropped. Although some were repaired, the president of the water service warned that there would be more leaks.

An intense cold warning was in effect in a wide swath of the country, from parts of Montana in the north to central Florida.

The most affected area was the north center. The wind chill was -26 degrees Celsius in Iowa City, and the temperature dropped to freezing in Oklahoma City.

Snow shovelers prepare for the American football game

The thermal sensation was -28 C this Saturday in Vermont, where the Mount Stowe ski resort urged those who dared to ski to use extreme caution.

In West Virginia, the weather service said there would be up to an additional 10 centimeters of snow in some regions on Saturday, with wind gusts of up to 40 mph and wind chills of -29 C.

In upstate New York, snow shovelers They responded once again to the team’s call Buffalo Bills football team to clear Highmark Stadium for Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs after the city was submerged under 5 inches of snow.

Snowfall eased in other parts of the Northeast after covering a wide area that included the cities of Washington and New York.

The frigid weekend follows a series of storms that have caused at least 55 deaths in the country, especially due to hypothermia or traffic accidents.

Tennessee recorded 19 deaths. A 25-year-old man was found dead on the floor of a mobile home in Lewisburg after a heater tipped over and went out, the local police station reported.