Texas, on high alert for cold front: Temperatures expected to fall below freezing

They say everything is bigger in Texas… That even includes the cold fronts. The United States Weather Service issued an extreme cold alert for Texas, where Below freezing temperatures are expected starting next Sunday, January 14 and until the middle of next week.

The alert from the United States Weather Service (NWS) is due to the entry of the most powerful cold front expected for this winter season and that will cause the thermometer to not exceed 2 degrees over the next few days.

For this reason, Texas authorities have issued a series of recommendations and released the weather forecast for cities such as Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, as well as for the northern and central areas of the state.

Before you run for your tiger blanket to apply Mexican ingenuity against the bad weather in Texas, read here What will cause frost and extreme cold?the recommendations of the authorities and the weather forecast for the most important cities in that state.

Texas Weather: When Will the Next Cold Front Be?

The polar air mass and the strongest cold front expected this winter will enter Texas on Saturday night, January 13.

The United States Weather Service catalogs the polar air mass as an “arctic explosion” and will almost immediately cause “dangerously cold temperatures,” which will be felt from “the end of this weekend to the middle of next week.”

What will the next cold front be like in Texas?

“The Temperatures will remain below freezing Saturday night through Wednesday (January 17) in the morning across most of North and Central Texas.

The arctic air mass driven by the cold front will spread across the center and south of the state, including the San Antonio area to Austin, according to weather models.

Among the areas that will be most affected by the extreme cold in Texas are:

  • dallas
  • Fort Worth
  • Sherman/DenisonEdit
  • waco
  • Killeen
  • Stephenville
  • bowie
  • Paris
  • Canton, and
  • Graham.

in these cities Temperatures of 0 to -10 degrees Celsius are expected between Sunday, January 14 and Wednesday, January 17.

Weather Forecast: When will it snow in Texas or will it be freezing?

According to the weather forecast for Texas, the cold front will not cause snowfallsince Specialists predict a “strong frost”that is, temperatures remain below 0 degrees Celsius.

When hard freezes like the one expected starting this weekend occur, outdoor plants and crops are more likely to die and damage will occur to outdoor pipes exposed to the weather.

Texas Temperature Forecast

The weather forecast for Texas estimates 20 to 30 percent chance of maximum temperatures remaining below freezing on Monday.

The cold front arrives this weekend; However, the coldest conditions for San Antonio are expected to occur on Tuesday morning, January 16, when the city of Alamo will record a low of 18 degrees Fahrenheit (-7°C) and a high of just 41° F (5°C).

According to the authorities of the United States Weather Service, This is a rare extreme cold for South Texas.

According to historical data, this would be the third time since 2000 that San Antonio has recorded temperatures around 10 degrees Fahrenheit during the first month of the year.

Below we present an image with the weather forecast in Texas from Sunday, January 14 to Wednesday, January 17. It should be noted that temperatures are expressed in degrees Fahrenheit.

Preparations for the cold front in Houston, Dallas and other cities

The United States Meteorological Service called on the population to take measures to face the bad weather in the entity, “Now is the time to complete preparations for the frost,” the notice states.

The main recommendations are:

  • Be sure to protect exposed and vulnerable pipes by covering or wrapping them. During cold weather, let indoor sinks drip.
  • Locate the water shut-off valve in case you need to turn off the water supply to your home or business.
  • Don’t forget to protect and monitor the most vulnerable people and pets.