Republicans withdraw Jordan’s nomination to chair US House of Representatives

The US Republicans have withdrawn the right-wing hardliner Jim Jordan’s nomination for chairmanship of the House of Representatives. Former President Donald Trump’s ally lost a secret caucus vote on Friday, as he and other MPs confirmed following the vote. The arch-conservative politician had previously failed in the plenary session on his third attempt to be elected chairman of the Congressional Chamber.

This means that the parliamentary crisis in the USA is becoming increasingly worse. The House of Representatives has been paralyzed by a rebellion by right-wing hardliners in their own party since the ouster of Republican leader Kevin McCarthy on October 3rd. This means that no laws can currently be passed – nor any new military aid for Israel and Ukraine.

The plan to give executive chairman Patrick McHenry more powers for a few months so that the chamber can pass laws again failed on Thursday. The Republicans now want to hold a “candidate forum” on Monday to select a new candidate.