FIFA opens disciplinary case for riots in game between Brazil and Argentina

ZURICH.- The FIFA initiated a disciplinary case against Argentina and Brazil on Friday due to fan violence in the Maracana Stadium and which led to the start of the South American qualifying match being delayed to the World Cup 2026.

The Argentine Football Federation was accused of public disturbance and for the delayed start of Tuesday’s match in Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian Federation was accused, for its part, of errors in the management of security for the meeting that they organized, indicated the FIFA.

During the national anthems, the fans started fighting. The teams were quickly taken back to the locker rooms and the match began 27 minutes late.

“There were families of the players in the stands. One is more focused on that than on playing a game“, assured the captain of Argentina, Lionel Messi.

Argentina won 1-0:

The FIFA He did not give a timetable for the judge to rule on the case and impose sanctions.

The next qualifying matches world They will be until September. Brazil receives Ecuador and Argentina to Chili.

Brazil and Argentina They could face each other again in the next Copa America 2024although the tournament will be played in USA between June 20 and July 14.

At the time of this announcement, it was still unknown if the FIFA would also open a disciplinary case for the incidents that took place at the Monumental of Limaafter the tie between Venezuela and Peru. Vinotinto players claimed that police officers attacked them while they were trying to interact with fans present after the match.

Likewise, the Venezuelan Federation also denounced the following day that local authorities had not allowed the team’s plane to take off when it was scheduled to do so. forcing them to remain in the country for several additional hours.

FOUNTAIN: With information from AP