NFL bans security chief for altercation with player

PHILADELPHIA.- The head of security of the Eagles in the NFLwho was ejected during last weekend’s game for his contribution in an altercation with the linebacker of the San Francisco 49ers, Dre Greenlaw, was banned from the stadium field for Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys, the team announced Saturday.

Dom DiSandro is still allowed to carry out his normal activities and travel with the team, as well as being present at the venue for Philadelphia’s (10-2) duel against Dallas (9-3) at AT&T Stadium. It will be in the locker room and tunnel.

“It is a continuous conversation with the NFL and we respect the restriction they imposed at this time,” indicated the Eagles it’s a statement.


DiSandro pushed Greenlaw to get off the receiver’s back. Eagles, DeVonta Smith, and yelled at him after an interception in the third period. Greenlaw, who received an unnecessary harshness penalty on the play, put his hands on two officials.

Greenlaw was ejected, DiSandro was asked to leave and He walked to the locker room to a cheer from the Eagles fans.

In Philadelphia they don’t judge him:

“I know that in your heart, Dom was really trying to calm the situation down there.“, assured on Monday the coach of the Eagles, Nick Syrianni. “I’m sad that it turned out that way, that anyone got kicked out. There were many emotions in the game. I’ve seen Dom having to defuse a situation before, it’s what he does.”

Greenlaw said Wednesday that he and DiSandro apologized through intermediaries.

On Wednesday, the NFL sent a memo to teams reiterating its policy that all non-player personnel are prohibited from making physical contact with, provoking or directly insulting opposing players or officials. He also clarified that only officials and coaches should separate those involved in an altercation.. The league said any violation could lead to suspensions or a fine.