MLB proposes to umpires to be more demanding in the rules

NEW YORK-. He MLB baseball He informed managers that umpires will be more attentive to determine if there are obstructions by infielders this year.

MLB is concerned that out-of-ball infielders could impede runners, violating rule 6.01, and indicated that this increased emphasis will only apply on the bases and not at home plate.

This MLB decision was initially reported by ESPN.

The adjustment in its application occurred after MLB changed the rule for running on bases this offseason. He decided to widen the runners’ lane as he approached first base to include part of the fairball territory.

MLB also shortened the pitch clock with runners on base by two seconds to 18 seconds and reduced the number of mound visits to speed up games.

The new runners’ lane replaces a rule that existed since 1882 when the National League decided to force runners to stay within three feet of the foul side of the base in the last 45 feet between home plate and first. Those who violated this rule were put out for interfering with the infielders’ throwing.

The rule was designed to avoid collisions. The foul line ran through the middle of the base until the pads were moved into valid territory in 1887.