Mike Tyson says he feels “100%” after needing care on a plane

THE ANGELS.- The legendary ex-boxer Mike Tyson He said this Tuesday that he felt completely recovered from the medical problem he suffered on a flight over the weekend, an incident that occurred less than two months after his return to the rings.

Tyson, who will face 'youtuber' Jake Paul on July 20 at age 58, suffered a health problem during a flight on Sunday between Miami and Los Angeles, which forced paramedics to board the plane after landing and provide assistance.

Representatives for the former heavyweight champion later said in a statement that Tyson “experienced nausea and dizziness due to an ulcer flare-up 30 minutes before landing” and was “grateful to the medical staff who helped him.”

This Tuesday, the former American boxer sent a message on his X account to confirm that he feels in good spirits for the fight.

“Now I feel 100% although I don't need to be to beat Jake Paul,” said 'Iron Mike' without giving details of the incident.

A complex test:

Almost three decades older than his rival, Tyson acknowledged two weeks ago that the training necessary to get into the ring at AT&T Stadium in Arlington (Texas) was taking its toll on him.

“I'm very well, but my body is shit right now, I'm sore, very sore,” this boxing legend, whose last professional fight dates back to 2005, admitted in a press conference.

In the Arlington fight, which will consist of eight two-minute rounds, Tyson will face Jake Paul, a popular YouTuber turned boxer who has nine wins in ten fights.

Paul has received a lot of criticism from combat sports fans, who claim that he has mainly chosen to face mixed martial arts fighters who are no longer in the best moment of their careers.