“I'm OK with anything”: Trump after being found guilty of all charges in the 'Stormy Daniels case'

Washington.- Former US President Donald Trump assured in an interview broadcast this Sunday on Fox News that he is not afraid of a sentence of house arrest or probationafter having been found guilty of 34 crimes of document falsification to hide payments to a porn actress for her silence: “I'm OK with whatever,” he said.

The president was interviewed for more than an hour for the morning show Fox and Friends and assured that he is not afraid of the sentence that New York judge Juan Merchan will read on July 11, after on Thursday a popular jury found him guilty of all charges of falsification of commercial documents in 2016 with the intention of influencing the electoral process that led him to the White House.

“These people are sick; she is upset. We talk about the external enemy and the internal enemy. You have China or Russia, but if you are a smart president they can be handled easily. But the enemy within is doing a lot of damage to our country. “They want open borders, high interest rates and quadrupling taxes,” said Trump, who will be sentenced a few days before being confirmed as the Republican presidential candidate at his party's convention.

In the interview, which was recorded Saturday, Trump refused to confirm whether he will stand by his refusal not to use the Justice Department to attack political rivals.

“The Republican party has to stand together on this case. They have seen what the instrumentalization of the Department of Justice and the FBI is like. “That comes from Washington,” said Trump, who this Saturday took a crowd bath in a UFC fight in New Jersey.

“This instrumentalization is something very dangerous. We have never had it in our country. It happens in other countries, in South American countries,” he noted.

When asked what message he has for Hispanics in the United States who consider that the country is suffering from the problems of judicial independence experienced by the nations they left behind, Trump responded that Hispanics support him and understand him.

“They are good people; Entrepreneurial and with great energy. (Hispanics) have always liked me and I have always liked them. I have had good results with them. In 2016, I won the entire Texas border (with Mexico)“Trump assured.

The former Republican president won some counties bordering Mexico that used to vote Democratic, but the Texas border voted overwhelmingly for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Election polls this year suggest that Trump is gaining support among Hispanics against Democratic President Joe Biden. Hispanics have traditionally voted overwhelmingly Democratic, especially when Barack Obama was a candidate.