Menopause: tips from experts to understand and cope with this stage

menopause, an inevitable stage in the life of every woman, continues to be a topic surrounded by uncertainty and misunderstanding. The Dr. Sofia Herreraa renowned gynecologist, joined La Mesa Caliente to shed light on this important topic, clearing up doubts and offering valuable advice to face this stage with confidence.

One of the key points that Dr. Herrera addressed was the perception of menopause as a danger for women. Contrary to this common belief, Dr. Herrera emphasized that menopause is simply a natural phase in a woman's life, noting that all women experience this process differently. It is important, according to Dr. Herrera, that Women are empowered by this stage of life and recognize that having reached menopause is a testimony of having lived fully.

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However, Monica Auragynecologist specialized in assisted reproduction of the Ginefiv Clinic, touched on the topic of early menopause, a condition that affects a small percentage of women of childbearing age. Aura explained that, although there is no average age for early menopause, factors such as Genetic inheritance can influence its development.

Furthermore, the gynecologist highlighted other factors that can trigger early menopause, such as cancer, previous ovarian surgeries and certain medical treatments.

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One of the most worrying aspects of early menopause is its impact on women's fertility. La Mónica stressed the importance of seeking psychological support and considering fertility preservation options, such as egg vitrification, for those women who face this condition.

Regarding the symptoms of menopause, Mónica Aura mentioned a series of physical and emotional changes that women can experience, from menstrual irregularity to hot flashes and vaginal dryness. However, she emphasized that each woman is unique and may experience these symptoms differently.

To deal with menopause and its symptoms, Monica offered a series of practical recommendations, ranging from adopt healthy lifestyle habits to consider hormone replacement treatment options. She encouraged women to seek support from other people who are going through the same situation and talk openly about menopause to eliminate the stigma associated with it.

Menopause can be a time of change and challenge for women, but it also offers the opportunity to live a full and healthy life. With the right knowledge and support, women can face this stage with confidence and move forward with a positive attitude towards the future.

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