Mbappé keeps alive the option of continuing to play in the Euro Cup

PADERBORN.- Kylian Mbappé He could be getting ready to continue playing in the European Championship with France despite having a broken nose.

“Without risks there are no victories,” the French star published on Wednesday in a cryptic message on Instagram, while the football world waits to find out how long he will be out of action after suffering a broken nose in the first duel of the Eurocup.

It was the only comment from Mbappé and the team leadership on the day they performed more tests on the nose injury that Real Madrid's next striker suffered in Monday's 1-0 victory.

Mbappé was seen arriving late for the training session on Wednesday afternoon. A bandage covered his nose and he was seen running with the ball away from the rest of the team, but with a coach.

The diagnosis was encouraging according to two of his colleagues.

“A broken nose is not the end of the world,” midfielder Adrien Rabiot said through a translator on Wednesday during a lunchtime news conference in Paderborn, where France is training during Euro 2024. €œand Kylian should be with us soon.â€

“I saw him this morning, he was a little better,” William Saliba said through a translator at a news conference in Paderborn. “I think he went for more tests. I don't know anything. further”.

“But when I saw him this morning he was a little better,†he added.

Mbappé will not have to undergo surgery immediately, according to the French federation.

French overview:

Les Bleus' next match will be against the Netherlands on Friday, and the team has not yet confirmed whether their “ace” will be able to play.

After Saliba's appearances, midfielder Adrien Rabiot predicted that Mbappé would return to the competition soon and compared his injury to that suffered by one of his teammates at Juventus, goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny.

Szczesny broke his nose against Torino in April, had surgery and was back the following week.

“A broken nose is not the end of the world,” Rabiot said. “And Kylian should be with us very soon.”