María Corina Machado: “A process of liberation of Venezuela is coming”

CARACAS.- “A process of liberation of Venezuela is comingâ€The leader of the Venezuelan opposition said this Thursday, María Corina Machadoduring an event in support of the candidacy of democratic unity, Edmundo González Urrutiaheld in Caracas.

73 days before the presidential elections, scheduled for July 28, the opponent highlighted that the country has woken up “a deep citizen conscience†faced with the “historical moment” that citizens of all generations are experiencing, who have dedicated themselves to a “no money” political campaign.

People act, organize themselves with their own meanswithout mass media,” said Machado, recalling the prohibition on traditional media to broadcast their activities.

This, he stated, has made people turn to “community†means of communication, such as instant messaging chats to “word of mouth†. “There are no flyers or posters here, people do it at home, by hand.â€highlighted the opponent, who cannot participate in the elections due to the political disqualification imposed by the Nicolas Maduro regime that prevents her from running for popularly elected positions.

María Corina Machado asks for trust in citizens

During the event supporting the political organization Encuentro Ciudadano, led by former candidate Delsa Solórzano, for the candidacy of Edmundo González Urrutia, Machado asked “trust†in citizenswho set an example of organization in the primaries held last October, which marked a “mobilizing milestone.”

“We have been overcoming fear, overcoming obstacles, overcoming threats (…) The more obstacles they put up for us, there is no money, they don't give us voting centers, they oppose us, they threaten us, more and more, the people said, this is mine,' he noted. .

The opponent recalled how, after the prohibition of her candidacy, the regime was “afraid” of confronting Dr. Corina Yoris, who had been elected standard bearer of the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD), so she emerged from “the hand of God†the definitive postulation of Gonzalez Urrutia as a candidate for democratic unity, who “has earned the support of Venezuelans who are determined to fight to the end.†.

With the candidacy of González Urrutia, he maintained, a “huge hope for changeâ€which carries out “crucial” organizational work with the formation of “comanditos”, which will complement the 600K platform, which hopes to train 600,000 citizens to mobilize and protect the vote on July 28, and guarantee †“a wonderful transition process†.

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Crucial moment

“There is not a day here that we can rest. We have to get on with the task, ensure that we have absolute levels of excellence. The world understands that what is at stake transcends Venezuela, that it has to do with our entire region, and that There is coming a liberation process for Venezuela that will not only achieve a great country that we all feel proud of, but also bring our children back home.†Machado stressed.

For his part, the opposition's standard bearer, Edmundo González Urrutia, stated that Venezuela is experiencing a “crucial moment, a turning pointâ€guided by “hope and determination,†which will mark the future of the South American country, mired in a humanitarian crisis after 25 years of Chavismo.

During his speech, the opposition candidate committed to building an “inclusive” nation, to “build bridges” and to “heal wounds” to build a “just and prosperous future”, of citizen encounter, in the prime la reconciliation and “every voice” counts.

“We will promote dialogue and understanding, and we will resolve differences respectfully. We will all work together for a country in peace and harmony. Reconciliation is not a promise, it is an action. It is a path that we will travel together,†he stated.

The day after

In this sense, he highlighted that the union of Venezuelans “is key” to overcome the obstacles of the ruling leadership and mobilize citizens to guarantee massive participation in the upcoming elections.

“The union of all is a necessity. From now until the 28th we have to be more united and organized than ever. That day we have to show the most important unity and organization of recent times (…) Let us not stay in our homes, family, neighbors, friends committed to specific tasks for that day the 28th,†he noted.

Gonzalez Urrutia indicated that first the “electoral event bridge†to reach the “longed-for day after†, in which the Venezuela to come will be “the country of opportunities,†in which each Venezuelan can reach their maximum potential and have access to education, health and employment.

“We will encourage innovation, we will support our entrepreneurs, we will build an economy that benefits everyone. We will promote sustainable development“We will protect our natural resources and guarantee a prosperous future for everything,” he stressed.

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