Last Trump opponent Nikki Haley gives up running for US presidential candidacy

Although the Republican Nikki Haley achieved some respectable successes in the US primaries, she had no chance against the all-powerful Donald Trump. After the overall disappointing “Super Tuesday” she ended her candidacy.

Republican Nikki Haley is officially withdrawing from the party's internal race for the US presidency, clearing the way for former incumbent Donald Trump to run again. The 52-year-old announced her decision on Wednesday in her home state of South Carolina after Trump had a winning streak on Super Tuesday on Tuesday and won almost all of the votes. The Wall Street Journal and the US broadcasters ABC and CNN had previously reported on it.

Donald Trump's candidate choice has been decided

This is a new edition of the duel between Trump and the current Democratic US President Joe Biden, who wants to run for a second term and has no serious internal competition in his party. The candidate against Biden will be formally nominated at a Republican party conference in July.

On “Super Tuesday,” the right-wing populist won in 14 of the 15 states in which the Republicans held primaries. Haley only won in the small New England state of Vermont.

Nikki Haley had little chance

The 52-year-old had already lost the previous primaries since January to Trump, except in the capital Washington. The former US ambassador to the United Nations and ex-governor of the state of South Carolina was therefore under strong pressure from her own party to drop out of the race before Super Tuesday.

Anyone who wants to become the Republican or Democratic presidential candidate in the USA must first win the party's internal primaries. The presidential candidates will not be officially chosen until party conferences in the summer. The actual presidential election is on November 5th.

Note: This article has been updated following the official confirmation of the exit.