Kansas City Chiefs are committed to improving their home

KANSAS CITY-. The Kansas City Chiefs They plan to invest $800 million to renovate their Arrowhead stadium, the third oldest venue in the city. NFLand that will begin after the matches of the Soccer World Cup 2026 and would take four years to complete.

The project is contingent on the extension of a three-eighths of a cent tax by voters in Jackson County, Missouri, on April 2. That money has been used to maintain the Truman Sports Complex in Arrowhead and the adjacent Kauffman Stadium, which Major League Baseball’s Royals will leave to move to a new coliseum downtown before fulfilling their current lease. after the 2030 season.

“We wouldn’t have signed a lease for another 25 years without the financing to properly renovate and add dimension to the stadium,” said Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt, whose family is contributing $300 million to the project. “The funding puzzle is very important for us to make sure we have enough funds for everything we have planned.”

The renovation project, which was unveiled Wednesday during a press conference in Arrowhead, will cover every aspect of the 52-year-old venue, including seating, VIP facilities and the parking area where fans gather before games. matches.

Originally, the original plan for the Truman complex called for a roof to cover Arrowhead and Kauffman stadiums, but the structure was never built. The Chiefs again considered a stadium above Arrowhead two decades ago, during their last major renovation, but the public was skeptical and the idea was scrapped.

Although a roof could help Kansas City host the Super Bowl, Hunt said Wednesday that it was something that was never considered for this project, and noted that the team prefers to play outdoors.

“We think it’s a competitive advantage for us,” Hunt said.