Jeffrey Epstein scandal case documents with 170 real names published

New knowledge in the abuse scandal surrounding Jeffrey Epstein: A US court has now published a list of around 170 real names.

The world-famous abuse scandal surrounding Jeffrey Epstein (1953-2019) and his sex ring is once again causing a stir. A US court published on Wednesday (January 3, local time) around 40 of a total of 250 expected documents (around 950 pages) containing a list of 170 real names related to the case. The names were mentioned in the libel case between abuse victim Virginia Giuffre (40) against Epstein’s long-time partner and accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell (62) in 2015, but have so far been kept anonymous.

These celebrities are on the Epstein list

According to “Sky News”, it includes names already known in this context such as Prince Andrew (63), Bill Clinton (77) and Donald Trump (77), but the latter was only mentioned in connection with the questioning of a witness. She said she never had sexual contact with Trump. Prince Andrew and Clinton were considered Epstein’s confidants for years. Clinton is said to have not objected to his name being used. According to consistent media reports, his name and that of Andrew appear several times in the documents.

New mentions include the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson (1958-2009), the “Star Wars” creator George Lucas (79) and the astrophysicist Stephen Hawking (1942-2018). However, mentioning the names does not necessarily mean active participation in Epstein’s abuse network. It is said that the names were mentioned in the civil proceedings at the time or that they at least mean a one-time presence at one of Epstein’s events. According to Sky News, Hawking was photographed on Epstein’s island in 2006 as part of a trip to a science conference on a neighboring island.

Jeffrey Epstein has been dead for four years

The former US multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein has been dead for four and a half years. On August 10, 2019, he was found lifeless in his prison cell at the age of 66. He was arrested in July 2019 after sexually abusing numerous underage girls and introducing them to other men.

His long-time partner and accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, who for years procured new underage victims for Epstein’s sex ring, is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence. She was found guilty in December 2021 and sentenced to prison and a $750,000 fine in June 2022.

Back in December, a US judge decided to publish documents that were part of Giuffre and Maxwell’s defamation proceedings.