Jeffrey Epstein: List of friends’ names to be made public

A court document containing the names of Jeffrey Epstein’s (some illustrious) friends is due to be published in January. Quite a few are eagerly awaiting the publication.

It’s no secret that Jeffrey Epstein liked to surround himself with influential people. His “Inner Circle” included politicians, entrepreneurs, socialites and, Prince Andrew, a royal. Many of Epstein’s cronies are probably particularly trembling at the moment.

There are said to be over 170 names on the list

Judge Loretta Preska has ordered the publication of a list of 177 of his friends and acquaintances in January. They are said to have maintained close contacts with Epstein, but also with his convicted accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell. And that was after Epstein was convicted in 2008. The previously sealed documents are part of a civil lawsuit filed by Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre. For weeks, users on the Internet have been speculating about who could be on the list. Even bets are made. The names of the most influential people in the USA are traded: Bill Gates, as well as Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. The two former presidents are said to have been guests on Epstein’s private jet, the so-called “Lolita Express”, several times and on his private island.

Gates’ spokespeople have already said that the Microsoft founder only met with Epstein for philanthropic purposes. Clinton’s representatives also made it clear in 2019 that their client knew nothing about Epstein’s criminal activities.

Jimmy Kimmel defends himself

Most recently, US presenter Jimmy Kimmel was forced to respond to rumors surrounding him after football player Aaron Rodgers claimed that Kimmel would also be named on the list. In a post on Find another ‘list’.” Rodgers’ claims had put Kimmel’s family “in danger,” said the moderator, who also threatened the athlete with legal consequences.

To date, there have been no criminal allegations against any of the 177 people on the list. Nevertheless: “When it comes to sexual abuse and human trafficking, transparency is always a good thing,” quotes “USA Today” political expert Charlotte Clymer. The 177 named are unlikely to fear any legal consequences. And yet her name in connection with a convicted sex offender is likely to leave her in need of explanation.

Sources: USA Today

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