Jeffrey Epstein: Clinton, Trump, Hawking and who else is on the list? "list" occurs

Jeffrey Epstein interacted with parts of the political and social power elite. Recently published court documents reveal which relationships he maintained with which celebrities.

When Judge Loretta Preska ordered the release of previously encrypted court documents relating to the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein shortly before Christmas, she caused a small tremor. Since then, there has been speculation on social networks about which names could appear in the documents. Even bets were made.

Now the court has published the documents. They come from a civil dispute between the aggrieved American Virginia Giuffre and Epstein’s long-time partner Ghislaine Maxwell. A mention in the documents does not mean that the person in question was an active part of the abuse network surrounding Epstein, but initially only that his or her name was mentioned in the civil lawsuit. Only a few of the names mentioned should really come as a surprise. But the context in which they are mentioned is still interesting.

Clinton’s name is mentioned more than 70 times

There is, for example, former US President Bill Clinton. It was known that he maintained contact with Epstein. Clinton’s lawyers had already made it clear in 2019 that their client knew nothing about his criminal activities. According to media reports, Clinton did not object to his name being mentioned. His name appears more than 70 times, partly because the alleged Epstein victim Johanna Sjoberg mentions it. She says she was recruited as a masseuse by Ghislaine Maxwell when she was 20 and was allegedly forced to have sex with Epstein. “Clinton likes them young, referring to girls,” Sjoberg is quoted as saying in the documents. According to her, she heard this statement from Epstein personally.

Prince Andrew, who appears more than 60 times in the court documents, is also mentioned by Johanna Sjoberg. The Queen’s son managed to avert a civil lawsuit in connection with Epstein’s abuse ring in 2022. Despite Virginia Giuffre’s allegations against him, he never admitted to having sex with the then minor. Sjoberg’s statements now include, among other things, a visit to Epstein’s New York townhouse in 2001: That’s where she met Andrew. Maxwell gave the prince a doll that looked like the royal. “I sat on Andrew’s lap. They took the doll’s hands and placed them on Virginia’s (Giuffre, editor’s note) “Spitting Image” is a British satirical show that uses puppets to prank famous people be taken.

Sjoberg also named the magician David Copperfield. He performed magic tricks at a dinner with Epstein. During the deposition, Sjoberg was asked whether Copperfield had spoken to her about Epstein’s relationships with young girls. “He asked me if I knew that girls were paid to find other girls,” she replied. Sjoberg also revealed that he met Michael Jackson at Epstein’s home in Palm Beach. But she never gave him a massage, nor did Donald Trump, whose friendship with Epstein she does mention: On a flight to New York, she, Epstein, Virginia Giuffre and others had to land in Atlantic City by private jet because the planned one Landing in New York was not possible due to a storm. Epstein proudly said that he could call Trump and organize a visit to his casino, which he did.

Stephen Hawking and the “orgy with minors”

The name of hedge fund manager and billionaire Glenn Dubin also appears several times in the documents. In a 2016 deposition, Virginia Giuffre claimed that Maxwell instructed her to massage Dubin, which was tantamount to sexual intercourse. Both Maxwell and the Dubin couple vehemently deny this.

One name that comes as a surprise on the list is that of the late physicist Stephen Hawking. It is known that he was a guest on Epstein’s private island in 2006. However, court documents show that Epstein himself instructed Ghislaine Maxwell to refute allegations against the physicist. This was allegedly raised by Giuffre, but no further details are known. “You may pay a reward to all friends and acquaintances of Virginia who refute her allegations,” he wrote to Maxwell. The email continued: “The allegations are false, the strongest of which is the Clinton dinner and the new version from the Virgin Islands that Stephen Hawking took part in an orgy with minors.”

source: Court documents Epstein/Maxwell/Giuffre

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