Ivan Simonovis denounces complex electoral manipulation system in Venezuela

MIAMI- In recent statements, Ivan Simonovis has exposed a worrying situation regarding electoral manipulation by the Nicolás Maduro regime, which goes beyond the “already known irregularities” of the National Electoral Council (CNE) in Venezuela.

Simonovis gave a presentation on an alleged electoral manipulation scheme in Venezuela, which involves various State institutions and a group of high-level professionals who work in institutions of the Venezuelan regime.

According to Simonovis, the National Electoral Council (CNE) does not act alone, but rather has a “network of technological support from PDVSA and CANTV”.

“During all these years, the dictatorship has strengthened high-performance multidisciplinary teams in order to take control of the computer systems that manage all the electoral mega data. The fiber optic project was used in CANTV and PDVSA that integrated populated areas with interurban areas in order to control all the information that traveled from the voting centers to the CNE, all with a standardized network,” he emphasized.

The network, created by PDVSA’s Computer Automation Department (AIT), manipulates electoral information transmitted from voting centers to the CNE. This system has been perfected over time, supported by fiber optic projects that connect various areas of the country, allowing total control of electoral data, the former political prisoner reported.

The former Venezuelan commissioner also denounced the existence of situation rooms, which are laboratories where information is altered and distributed on social networks. These rooms play a crucial role in the manipulation of election results.

Among those responsible for this scheme, Simonovis mentions several high-ranking managers, urging them to take advantage of the upcoming elections on July 28 to “act correctly and not participate in another electoral fraud.”

“I want to tell you today, in view of the elections on July 28, you have a great opportunity to redeem yourselves and do the right thing and not be complicit again in another electoral fraud in Venezuela,” he said.