Is Joe Biden too old – or experienced? A family and the Democrats’ dilemma

Joe Biden has to save us from Trump, says the father. The daughter thinks he is far too old. Our correspondent followed a family in New Hampshire and experienced the dilemma facing Democrats across the country.

Peter Daley, 71, didn’t necessarily imagine that he would one day be here: in a hip coffee shop in Concord. Among loud, young people. At the election rally of a candidate who wants to overthrow Joe Biden.

Emmy Daley, 23, couldn’t have imagined being here either. In the hip coffee shop – of course. Especially among young people. But not exactly with her father at a political event.

“I told my daughter, if you want alternatives to Biden, let’s look at them,” said Peter Daley, a private school teacher.

“I want alternatives, especially younger ones,” said his daughter, a politics student.