Is Biden using Trump as a buffoon? US president seeks votes with mockery and jokes towards his adversary

The president of the United States,Joe Biden, intends to win votes by causing some laughs at the expense of Donald Trumpunleashing mockery with the aim of annoying the former president and reminding the entire country of the mistakes he made.

Like a comedian perfecting his routine, the Democratic president has been testing and expanding his jokes over the past few weeks. He began by criticizing the financial problems facing his Republican opponent, including regularly making fun of Trump's hairstyle, as well as his pampered upbringing and his attempt to make a few extra dollars by selling a special edition of the Bible.

In other words, Biden uses the technique of humor to paint Trump as a buffoon unworthy of the Oval Office, but it does not turn the elections into a reason for laughter.

Sometimes, Biden, you discover that a few jokes can energize the American audienceeven more so than a major political victory and diverting valuable attention from an opponent who otherwise hogs the spotlight even while stuck in a New York courtroom in his first criminal trial.

The latest example came at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner on Saturday evening, April 27. After years in which Trump constantly accused Biden of being “sleepy” and mocked his age —Biden is 81, Trump is 77—the Democrat returned the insult after the Republican appeared to fall asleep in court.

Biden nicknamed his rival 'Mr Sleepy', also saying: “Of course, the 2024 election is in full swing and yes, age is an issue,” he added. “I am an adult competing against a 6-year-old child.”.

Trump did not seem to appreciate the jokes and posted on his social network that the dinner was “really bad” and that Biden was “an absolute disaster.”

But the jokes at the annual gala event, which also features a professional comedian—this year it was Colin Jost of Saturday night Live from NBC_, are nothing new. The true essence of Biden comes during campaign speeches in which spend a few moments criticizing Trump between policies and legislative achievements.

“Remember when he was trying to deal with Covid? He suggested injecting some bleach into your veins,” Biden told a union Wednesday, April 24, describing Trump's guidance from the White House during the pandemic. “It failed him. “Everything went to his hair.”

Biden rarely references Trump court casesbut jokes about the financial problems that began shortly after the former president was ordered to pay $454 million in a civil case in New York.

“Just the other day,” Biden said at a fundraiser in Dallas last month, “a defeated-looking guy came up to me and said, 'Mr. President, I need your help. I am overwhelmed by debt. I don't have anything'. I had to say, 'Donald, I can't help you.'”